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Clipstream® Pricing Plans

We offer four sizes of video hosting plans based on the number of minutes you’ll need for people to watch your videos. Minutes are based on the length of videos and the amount of time people spend watching them.


This plan is for those companies starting small with a video or two that only 200 people or so will watch about 10 minutes of every month.

$29 / month

2,000 minutes

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The medium plan is for organizations that are likely to reach about 1000 people who will watch about 10 minutes each month.

$69 / month

10,000 minutes

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The large plan is for organizations that will have around 3,000 people a month watch ten minutes of video on average.

$149 / month

30,000 minutes

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Extra Large

The extra-large plan is for organizations who anticipate 15,000 or more people who will watch at least 10 minutes of video every month.

$399 / month

150,000+ minutes

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Need more? We offer custom packages for enterprise accounts.

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How to Pick Your Pricing Plan

Three easy steps to pick your pricing plan, simply multiply the number of videos you plan to show each month by the average length of minutes and the number of views you expect. This will give you a total amount of minutes you will need to host and show your videos. (E.g. 3 videos x 2 minutes of video x 100 views = 600 minutes or Small Pricing Plan)

Step 1.

Number of Videos

How many videos will you plan to show over the next year?


Step 2.

Length of Videos

On average, how many minutes will the videos be?


Step 3.

Number of Views

How many people do you anticipate will watch each video?

Number Videos

i.e. 3 Videos


Average Length

i.e. 2 Minutes on Average


Total Views

i.e. 100 people


» What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime.

» When will I be charged?

You will be charged a flat fee at the beginning of each month based on the package you chose to ensure your bills are easy to understand and predictable.

» Can I change my plan?

Yes. You can change your plan. Simply Contact us. If you decide to change plans mid-month, the following will apply;

  • Upgrade Mid-Month: If you decide to upgrade plans mid-month, for example, go from “medium” to “large” plan, you will be charged the difference between your current and higher plan. Any overages over the new limit through the month will be calculated on the basis of the new package higher limit.
  • Downgrade Mid-Month: If you decide to downgrade plan mid-month, the charge will take place at the start of the new month and any overages will be calculated at your current package for the remainder of the month.

» Is there any difference in features with each plan?

There is no difference in features with each plan. Whether you fit into a “small” or “extra-large” plan, the features are the exact same.

» What is the overage charge?

Should you go over the pack limits for storage or transfer time, you will be charged an overage fee at the end of the month based upon the schedule outlined for each package.

» What’s the main difference with each plan?

It comes down to the total number of minutes consumed by your videos. The more time people watch and/or the longer the video, the more minutes required to host and display your videos.

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